Modern Pedestal Sinks for Every Taste

Modern Pedestal Sinks for Every Taste

Shell Construction

Modern sinks can be classified by their appearance as well as functionality. Products may be the presence of the pedestal, where you can hide communication. Sink with modern

modern pedestal sinks are diverse in size and shape. However, the main product type is represented by a combined model with floor columns and pillars. They are mounted directly to the wall with brackets. The apparent advantage of this model is quite compact.

Today the market offers a few basic types of shells which are separated by the criterion of the material.

  • – Ceramic
  • – Marble
  • – Metal
  • – Glass

Let us try to examine in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Ceramic sinks

Ceramic sinks are created with the help of porcelain or china material. Production of this material is more expensive. It is characterized by such properties as surface smoothness, hardness and less porosity unlike porcelain that is used to produce simple and cheap models.

Marble sinks

The most prestigious and expensive marble sinks are considered to be on the right. The latter differ quite attractive appearance. However, the magnificent view must vigilantly maintain that requires meticulous care and respect. An alternative to natural marble can serve as an artificial, ie, polymer concrete. Care for a sink is much easier (any cleaning agents).

Metal shell

Stainless steel is the most common metal used in the making of shells. Products made of it are characterized by high strength, wear resistance, durability and hygiene.

Glass sinks

The shells are made of durable glass that is quite rare and expensive product. This is one of the most beautiful options for a stylish bathroom. Among the shortcomings – susceptibility to lime scale from water,

Tips for Choosing

First you need to determine the size. In the selection process, special attention to the compliance with the elements of water supply systems of fasteners products. If the valve is not included in the purchase package, you need to purchase immediately siphon structures for compatibility.




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